Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

I made this for my sister for her birthday.  It was really easy, and can be made with small scraps of fabric.  Here is what you will need:
Two Buttons
Sewing Machine
Scrap of Fabric.

Step 1 - Measure your wrist.
Step 2: Cut four strips of fabric:
2 cuff strips -  4" x your wrist measurement plus 2"(more or less depending on how loose you want the bracelet)
1 ruffle strip - 2" x  twice your wrist measurement
1 loop strip - 1" x 6"

Step 3:  Fold the 2" ruffle piece in half, lengthwise, and sew right sides together - using about 3/8" seam
Repeat this process with the 1" loop piece.  Turn both pieces right side out and press.
Step 4: Take the longer piece, and using a basting stitch, sew along one edge.  Gather it to make your ruffle.
Step 5:  Adjust the tension in the ruffle and make sure it is the same length as the cuff.  Pin the ruffle to the edge of one cuff piece - align the edges of the ruffle and the cuff piece.   
Step 6:  Stitch it on - using a 3/8"seam.
Step 7:  Lay it on top of the other cuff piece, right sides together.  Pin them together, then stitch along that side with the ruffle.
Step 8:  Open it and lay it flat.  Cut the short thin 6" piece in half - make two loops.  Pin them to one of the short edges- facing into the bracelet. I made one of the loops smaller, because my buttons were different sizes.
Step 9:  Fold the piece back over and stitch the end side and the other long side.  Leave the other end open.
Step 10:  Turn the bracelet inside out and press.
Step 11:  Hand sew the buttons onto the open end side.  Only sew through the top layer - that way you won't see any stitching on the back of the bracelet.  Now it is time to close the bracelet.
Step 12: Fold in the raw edges and press.  Top stitch it closed.
You're done!  Put it on and go out for a cup of coffee...

or be a good friend and give it as a gift.  Happy Weekend!

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