Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's under your mushroom?

It would be a great teaching tool or
you could make it at a party like we will!  
Here is what you will need:

 Two paper plates - one red, one white
A Brad (you can buy fun ones at Michaels!)
Double-sided tape or glue
Crayons or colored pencils
Stickers, if you wish
White paper
Permanent Marker

Begin by cutting out 1/3 of the red paper plate 
(I don't think mine is exactly a 1/3, but just eyeball it). 
Next color the caterpillar and butterfly.

Cut those out and tape them to the plate, in the 2/3rds that will be covered by the red - I put the caterpillar in the left 1/3 and the butterfly in the right 1/3.  Attach the red plate to the white plate with the brad - push the brad through the red and white plate, right in the center, and unfold it in the back.
Next, write "Who is hiding under the toadstool?" in the bottom 1/3 with a permanent marker -

it will probably need to be right in the middle of the 1/3 -
you don't want it to show when you spin the top. 
Turn the red part clockwise, to reveal the caterpillar.  

I wrote "A caterpillar who turns into a..." in the margin of the white plate.
Turn the red part clockwise again to reveal the butterfly.  
I wrote "beautiful butterfly" in the margin of the white plate.

Turn it back to the starting position.
Lastly, decorate the red part of the toadstool.  You can cut different sized spots out of white cardstock and put little stickers on - really anything you think would make it look enchanted - there you go!  A fun AND educational project centering around a mushroom.
Have fun!

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