Thursday, August 19, 2010

*Guest Post Thursday* - Well not really...

So I'm up to my elbows in birthday preparations (and trying to remember the joy of party planning) and just wasn't on top of it to get a guest together for this week -but I do have some lovely links for you to check out (so at least you're hearing ideas from someone other than me).
The subject for the day is ........ FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!
Yep, yep - it is coming soon!  My husband and I love football (well, he loves all sports, but football is easily my favorite).  I love it because it means fall is coming, there will be yummy food to eat, fun clothes to wear, and of course it means I get to watch the GATORS!!  So here are some fun things to make for your first football party of the season (even if you're not a Gator fan ;)

Whoopie Pies
Check them out here.

Football Cupcake Liners!
Get the how-to here.

Super-cute Football deviled-eggs!
Find the recipe here.

I love the idea of using yellow "penalty flag" napkins!
Lots more table decorations and menu ideas here.

Enjoy getting ready for football season - 
I'll see you Tuesday with lots of pics from Charlotte's party!! 
Meanwhile, feel free to peruse my archives to find a fun weekend project or two! 
Happy weekend!

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