Monday, August 23, 2010

Enchanted Forest Party - Charlotte Turns 2

Hello! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!  Ours was fantastic - the party was great.  

We had beautiful weather (which was such a blessing because our AC stopped working and so we had to have the entire party outside).  Here are all the pics - later in the week, I will post a few DIY's from the party.  Enjoy!
We began by coloring our butterflies and caterpillars for the toadstool craft.
After we finished that project, we made some music!
The next activity was an Enchanted Animal Hide and Seek.  
 I had printed several pictures of animals and hidden them all around the yard.  The girls had a sheet of paper with small pics of all the animals, and when they found one, they had to circle it on their paper.  We walked up to the apple trees first.
When we reached the apple trees, we all sat down for a story - 
read by Charlotte's Momma J.
Then we continued our search for enchanted animals as we walked toward the wishing well.
We read another story there, and then each of the girls got to make a wish and throw magic wishing dust (sanding sugar) into the well.
Then it was time to eat!  All of the girls ate in the screened in porch under the magical fairy tent.
They had strawberries, "snail sandwiches" (pbj tortilla spirals), bunny snacks, and strawberry  milk.
( mom made that amazing toadstool - more on that later)
The mommy and daddy food (and cupcakes) was over on the deck.
 We had strawberries, snail sandwiches ( cream cheese, spinach, and turkey), and "schroomy" cheese and crackers.
Then it was time for toadstool cupcakes!
It's good to be two.
and then all of the girls made their party favors - 
they had bags in their little buckets that they filled up with candy from the candy bar.
When the bags were full, we clipped them in the middle with a clothespin, 
to make them look like butterflies.
 It truly was an enchanting day.


  1. Happy Birthday to your Charlotte! Her party was so precious! :)

  2. Love it!!!! You are amazing! I'm so glad momma J was there! Happy Birthday to Charlotte!

  3. Wow! This party looks amazing! I love the woodland animal pics, and the food, and the giant toadstool! Charlotte is a very lucky girl to have her birthday in such an beautiful setting too. Happy Birthday to her :)


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