Monday, September 20, 2010

Feminine Essential Oils

As women, we have our own special set of physical discomforts and emotional fluctuations.  Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite essential oils that aid in womanly discomfort.

Clary Sage - has a calming effect on the nervous system, lifts minor depression, and, as an anti-inflammatory, it eases the discomfort of premenstrual cramps.  You can add a few drops to a warm bath, or mix with a carrier oil and massage into your lower abdomen.

Rose Geranium - relieves mild depression and anxiety, and balances hormones.  It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.  This is the first oil I turn to when I am having PMS.  I usually put a drop on the inside of my wrist, rub my wrists together and inhale deeply.  This fragrance of rose geranium is quite strong, but the more you use it the more you will love it.
Rose Geranium and Lavender at the Keys Creek Lavender Farm which I visited in CA.

Lavender -  of course.  Lavender heals all.  If you never know what to use or if you have never used essential oils before, start with lavender.  It is safe for all ages and produces feelings of peace and calm - aiding in balancing those dreadful mood swings.  I like to put a drop on the outside of my eye mask, pull it down over my eyes and go to sleep.

So those are my top 3 essential oils for women.  Just a note - if you have never smelled essential oils before, they can seem very strong and some people think they are downright stinky.  Unfortunately we are used to more synthetic fragrances (dish soaps, lotions, shower gels, shampoos).  Essential oils are in their pure state and can be very overwhelming.  I want to encourage you to keep trying them anyway.  The more you use them, the more you will come to appreciate the potency - and certain oils will become your favorites.  If you have any questions about this post, or about essential oils in general, check the Contact Me section for my email or leave a comment on this post.  Have an aromatic day!

p.s. A good place to purchase quality essential oils is Floracopeia.


  1. Good ideas! I'd love to get more into oils...I just started using the oil-cleaning method for my skin and while it's breaking out :-\ probably as a backlash to all the chemicals I've been using on it for years, it just feels healthier. I do use a little TTO for the breakouts.

    Speaking of synthetic fragrances, do you use any special kind of haircare products for shampoo or conditioner? I love Aveda stuff but like most salon quality products, they are a bit expensive. Just curious to see if you have any ideas/experience with that!

  2. What wonderful information! Would you mind if I copied this info one day soon on my blog. I would give you credit and give a link to your blog! Thanks! ♥

  3. I absolutely LOVE lavender and am sometimes called the Lavender girl:) I grow it every summer, and in the winter cannot wait for the fragrance of the blooms!

  4. I love lavender! I want to grow it when I get a garden...hopefully next year.

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog
    Exercise Encouragement GROUP Blog

    P.s. visiting your blog via Pinterest.


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