Monday, September 26, 2011

Inspiration Board: Charlotte's Three Year Old Room

In one attempt to distract myself from the craziness that is my life...I've started planning Charlotte's room for our home in Japan.  I want to be able to make everything now (curtains, pillows, quilt), so that when we get there, her room can be a happy cozy place in a short amount of time.  Plus it gives me something to do now :)  So here's my inspiration.  That fabric is Valori Wells Wrenly - it's so happy and I think it will transition well from 3 - 6 yrs old which will be her ages while we are in Japan.

The plan for the bed is from here.  Ryan is going to get it all cut out, and then we'll ship it Ikea-style and assemble it when we get there.  We already have that green chair, and I think a pillow out of that bird fabric will look adorable on it.  I bought a rug at Old Time Pottery for $50 that looks very similar to the one shown here.  It's very cheery and I like all the squares of color.  That lamp shade is from here.  I think I have to have it.  So there it is - what do you think?  Any suggestions?  I haven't done pink in her room yet so I kinda wanted the girly look. 
Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. I love the ideas! The bed is super-cool--what kiddo wouldn't love it? I love the pink and orange together. Can't wait to see what it is like all put together. Good for you for taking advantage of this time to plan and gather things in preparation!

  2. I think it's completely adorable and so beautiful. Adding curtains and a fabric door to the playhouse could be really cute as well. She's a lucky little girl!

  3. I love it!! The bed is fabulous - and so is the color palette!! I love pink and orange together - and I think the green adds a great contrast! I can't wait to see it all!

  4. Very cute, super stylish yet still little girly. I love it!

  5. Lucky girl!! It will be such a beautiful bed. In Japan, there are really huge home/diy centre where you can get wood cut to size, very similar to those centres in USA.

  6. Jessica, that bed is great! C will have so much fun playing in there.


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