Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Family of Quilters

I am descended from a long line of quilters. The women on my mother's side quilt. In my home right now I have a quilt from both my great-grandmother and grandmother. My mom just joined the quilting scene, and my sister has been quilting since highschool. When Charlotte was born and I became a stay-at-home mom, I too decided to take up the craft. My goal is to make one quilt a year. Last year I made a quilt for myself. It is feminine and just my size :) I used fabrics from Anna Maria Horner's "Drawing Room" collection, and I also used her Garden Wall pattern. It was really fun to cut out and piece, and I hand-tacked it as I currently do not have the patience to hand-quilt :) This is the finished product- I actually finished it by July, so it didn't even take all year! I also embroidered this quote on the sashing at the bottom left corner: "A life lived in fear is a life half-lived." That quote helped me a lot last year and has become one of my mottos. This year I am making a quilt for our master bedroom, but more on that later. So may you all be encouraged to take up quilting - there is something so comforting about being wrapped up in a handmade quilt. They are durable and will last many lifetimes- something your family will treasure for a long time. So much time, energy, and love are devoted to quilting that I believe they are woven into the very threads of the fabric. When I snuggle under my great-grandmother's quilt I feel like I am a part of her-and she a part of me-our lives being connected by the colorful threads woven into the fabrics she chose.

Pretty deep for a Tuesday night :) Hope you all are as inspired as I am!

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