Monday, March 29, 2010

I Heart Pillows

Pillows are one of the simple things to make that can really change the look of a room. My love for pillows began when my mom started sewing custom pillows for designers - they go in model and residential homes in Orlando, FL. She is wonderfully talented and makes some amazingly intricate pillows! I worked for her for several years when we lived there. The thing about pillows is, they don't take much fabric, i.e. they are inexpensive to make, and they don't take very long, i.e. instant gratification sewing (my favorite kind). My couch was looking very sad and blah so I decided to take off the back cushions, that were the same color as the couch, and make these 4 pillows to add some color to my den. So here are my pillow tips for the day:
  • Find inspiration: my favorite place to look -
  • Make a pillow form: use lining fabric, or some other inexpensive fabric and make a form to stuff that will go inside your finished pillow- not only does this make your stuffing look more uniform, it makes it easier to take off the outside and wash.
  • Don't make them too small- I think the smallest a pillow should be is 15". You don't want your pillow to look dinky- also make your pillow form an inch larger than your pillow cover- this will ensure that your pillow will be pleasantly plump.
Have fun brightening your home with pillows today!

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