Monday, March 8, 2010

Let me introduce myself!

Hi! I'm Jessica. Currently I live in Gainesville, Florida. My husband is going to UF- getting his doctorate in Audiology. However, he is almost finished with his classes (yeah! ) and we will be moving to Johnson City, TN where he will work for a year as an extern. We have an 18 mo. old daughter, named Charlotte, who is a sweetheart. As the wife of a student, my life necessitates great frugality and creativity; so I have learned to make new things from old things and spend as little as possible on projects. You will not find expensive projects here. Just a lot of creativity and fun!
So, I have been feeling extremely inspired lately, from other blogs and just in general, to create, create, create! This past week I reworked three shirts that were sadly neglected in my closet. I also added fabric and appliqued a skirt that I was tired of. My long term project is a quilt, but more on that later.

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