Monday, March 8, 2010


I had mentioned some clothing projects that have been keeping me busy lately. Here they are:

This denim skirt emerged from two pairs of jeans that were slightly too big to wear as jeans. The bustle down the back was very fun and simple to make.

This next skirt was inspired by Alabama Studio Style by Ms. Natalie Chanin. I love the way she appliques and builds her textiles. You can read more about her and view her lovely collections here.

Next is a brown cardigan made from an old knit long-sleeved t-shirt. I appliqued the flowers on, then cut holes in the neckline and wove the ribbon through. Super easy!

This ruffle shirt was inspired by a tutorial here

So I have been having fun updating my spring wardrobe- I encourage you to do the same. I spent $0 dollars on these projects. I used scraps of fabric that I already had. If you don't have any- you can always find bins at fabric stores that sell remnants for a discounted price. My next clothing hurdle is going to be making an Indian Kurta for Ryan to wear to an Indian wedding reception Saturday. I will include a tutorial- I couldn't find one anywhere! So, Bollywood here I come!

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  1. Lovely blog, lovely projects, lovely model! :) Looking forward to future posts! Love you!


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