Thursday, March 25, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow? - Fun Felt Magnets

So I am trying to be more creative with my crafts and not just copy something someone else has done...although there are amazing projects out there! It is nice to push myself and really tap into my creativity. I was also trying to think of something to make for Charlotte's Easter basket. We only have a sad little collection of letters on our frig, so I decided to make her a magnetic spring garden! These have been so fun to make! I gathered a bunch of felt scraps, and pencil, and started drawing little creatures and flowers - only using the ones that I could draw really well (I tried a caterpillar, which seems like it would be simple - not so much). I resisted the urge to reach for my trusted friend the glue gun, and got out my embroidery needle and floss instead. I decided that since these would be handled often, stitching would hold up better than glue. I went to Michael's and bought some small craft magnets to put inside my little critters. I cut two of everything - a front and a back. I stitched them halfway around and then stuffed them with a small amount of batting and a magnet. Then, I finished out the stitching. They were really fun to make and Charlotte loves them ( I put them on our fridge just for today, because I was so excited!) So you can be creative and make any little animals you choose - if you can perfect the caterpillar, let me know - I also thought a snail would be cute, or some clouds. Really just use your imagination- the sky is the limit! If you have trouble drawing, look in some of your kids books for inspiration - you could even trace them and make their favorite storybook characters into magnets. Have fun!


  1. I had to take a peek to see if you finished them...and they are PRECIOUS! When Charlotte and Jared go down for a nap we're playing with them! :) Now on to making some cars and planes for Jared!

  2. What a great idea! Thank you-my almost 3 yr old daughter will love this kind of toy! Holly


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