Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quick gift idea: custom pillow case tutorial

A childhood friend of mine recently had a baby. I was sitting at home, trying to think of a practical gift that I could make out of things I had on hand-when i thought, what do you want most when you are a new mom? SLEEP!!! So I found some soft cotton and set out making a cute pillowcase to lay her sleepy mama head on. I combined it with tea and coffee and it makes a perfect care package!
Step 1: I used a pillowcase I already had as a pattern, matching up one edge to the fold of the fabric. Add 4 1/2 inches to the edge to fold back.

Step 2: Cut out the rectangle - mine ended up being 34x19. (One of our cats, Pouncey, loves to help:) )Step 3: Open your fabric and fold up 1/4 inch on one the edge you will use for the opening of your pillow case. Press.
Step 4: Fold back 4 1/2 inches on the same edge to make your pillow case opening edge. Press.

Step 5: Now is the time to do any embroidery or embellishment you would like to the edge of your pillow case. I am certainly no expert on hand-embroidery. I simply draw a picture on the fabric with pencil, then fill it in with embroidery floss- I use three strands and use a backstitch.
Step 6: Now topstitch the folded edge down to the pillowcase.

Step 7: Turn your pillowcase right sides together and stitch the long edge and the other end, using a 1/2 seam.

Step 8: Trim the edges of your seams with pinking shears, or zig zag stitch them.

Step 9: Turn the case right sides out and press. All done!


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