Thursday, April 8, 2010

Organizing tip of the week

I would like to say that I am organized enough to give you a tip every week...but that's not true. So I am going to try to pass along what I can when I can :) I came up with this last night when I was so tired of her little pony tail holders showing up ALL OVER the house! Plus it's a great way to use your old spools of thread! Now I need a way to organize her bows. What are your tips for storing and displaying hair bows?


  1. I am going to steal your spool idea-brilliant!
    For my daughter's bows, I used an old frame and put quilt batting and fabric over the insert and put in in the frame and secured some ribbons running vertically over it Kind of like this one:
    I used a fabric scrap and spray painted a large frame I already had to match, and used ribbon scraps--so it was free--and it's oh so cute!
    Have been making rosette barettes from the Purl Bee, too. So precious for a little gal!

  2. We use a ballerina tuttu w/ ribbons on top, girls LOVE it and its cute! I'll show you next time your here!

  3. I have canine babies, but I've seen the hair bows hanging from ribbon pinned on the wall.


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