Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Take some Mommy time

Hello! I hope you all had a lovely Easter. Today my challenge for you is to take some relaxing time for yourself. I know how difficult it is to remember to take care of ourselves, but it is so important! To be a caregiver you must be healthy and clear-minded. (My daughter is sick this week so I am in need of some care myself) So here is my suggestion for this evening - I will be doing it so you do it with me:

Make a cup of chamomile tea - it promotes relaxation and improves digestion- my favorite is Zena's Gypsy Tea

Next, take a bath. Sprinkle some lavender buds or essential oil into the water. Lavender promotes relaxation and peace. When you get out of the bath, condition your skin with some oil- I like sunflower or safflower - you can fragrance it with lavender if you like. Oil is better for your skin than most lotions because oil is what your skin naturally produces.
Finally slip into some cozy p.j.s and pull an eye mask down over your face to block out all light and distractions. Drift off into sweet dreams! Have a relaxing day!

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