Thursday, November 4, 2010

*Inspired Homemaking*

Today I am going to clean my house.  I rarely devote a full day to it - I usually squeeze in a bathroom cleaning here and a laundry session there.  But it is almost time to bring out all of the holiday decorations and I want my home to be CLEAN before I decorate.  So I did some reading for inspiration and these are the links I found:
Organize your mail situation with Real Simple:

Learn how to fake a clean house with Real Simple:

Prepare for the busy-ness of December right now-

Take the 5 minute flat-surfaces challenge with

Well okay, I guess I had better stop blogging and start cleaning.  
I'll let you know how it goes
(not because I think you are sitting on the edge of your seats 
waiting to see my clean house...
but because it helps me to think that I am accountable to you ;)
Happy homemaking!


  1. Cleaning... ughh... I have a LOT on my to-do list... toddlers are not conducive to a clean home, though...

  2. Thank you so much for linking to my blog, Cleaning up the Clutter! I love your blog! You've got a lot of creative ideas!

    Tristin - You CAN clean with a toddler. Just take it one 5, 10, or 15 minute increment at a time. Do as much as you can in one area, then focus on another area the next day. I started my blog when my youngest was almost 1 and created a lot of good habits. He's almost 3 now and it is easier, but I still need to do it bit by bit.


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