Friday, October 15, 2010

Dashing Dryer Sheet Ghosts

Maybe this is taking "green" to a little extreme, but I have been "dying" (sorry) to make ghosts from dryer sheets.  Finally today I think I found a not-too-tacky way to do it. 

This would be a great craft to do with your little ones. (Plus it's extra motivation to do some laundry)  Here's what you will need:  dryer sheets, ribbon, hot glue gun/hot glue, sparkly black pom poms (available at any craft store). 

Find a corner of the dryer sheet and make it the "top" of the head.  About an inch down, pinch the dryer sheet to make the head.

Tie a ribbon around it in a little bow or knot.  Now, hot glue the pom poms onto the head to make eyes. 

Once you have finished all your ghosts (I made 6), lay out your background ribbon.  Hot glue the back of the bows to the ribbon. 

Hang in a happy place - we picked our window because we liked the way the sun shone through the ghosts - spooky!

Have a great weekend!


  1. So cute...I think we are going to try this today! I'll share pictures. And I finally figured out how to get my name on my comments, thanks to Matt!

  2. Just posted a picture in the flicker group...enjoy! Thanks again for the idea!


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