Tuesday, October 19, 2010


so you know, some crafty people aren't always the neatest people.  I fall into that category for sure.  I LIKE things neat...I'm just too busy using the right side of my brain to have to worry about structure and organization.  BUT the fact of the matter is...I am happier when everything is in it's place - I have to remind myself that being organized actually helps me craft MORE because I am not spending 25 minutes hunting down the other knitting needle...so please don't judge me ;) Here are some BEFORE pics of my crafting space.  Yes I use the top of the piano for stuff...

I don't have a sewing room, this is an area to the left of the living room - I think you're supposed to use this nook for a dining room, but since we have an eat-in kitchen, we decided to use it as a piano room/play room/sewing room.  I know that 3 uses for one room is kind of a lot- so it will really help when it is organized.  Here's what I did:
First I folded the fabric and put it into a little bookshelf turned onto it's side.

I cleaned everything off the top of the piano, and put two baskets up there with the scrap fabric - one basket for cool colors, one for warm colors.
I used a box that had canning jars in it to organize my trims.
I love to hang onto these zipped up plastic bags that mattress pads and other bedding comes it- they are perfect for scraps such as felt.  Once again I have a bag for cool colors and a bag for warm colors.

So hurray!  
Everything is so much nicer 
- once more, here's the Before...
and After...
 YAY!  do you have any organizing secrets?  Let me know!


  1. I love organizing. I save all our glass jars then use them for storage for stuff like dry beans/peas, flours, pencils/pens, rubber bands, bath stuff...possibilities are endless and it looks cute too.

  2. You do amazing stuff! I am sort of like you-I love to have things organized but rarely do I take the time to ensure it is done right! I'm visual so I like to see what I have going on/am working on so I don't forget about it. My husband is the opposite: everything should have its place and should be tucked away. But we're figuring it out together!
    ^I save baby food glass jars and all sorts of other glass jars now too for storage: mostly food, but I could see how they could be handy for lots of other things!

  3. Great job--and you proved that organizing doesn't take spending tons of money at The Container Store (or even Target for that matter). Great use of what you already had--and very inspiring, as usual. I may need to do a bit of that myself...

  4. Awesome job Jess. I would have to say my secret is baskets. I have baskets in every shape and size. During our move I had several people make comments about how many baskets I have, I even have a big basket that is holding smaller baskets while they are not being used! One friend asked me what I used them for...here are just a few things I house in mine: my son's school papers, bibs, magazines, towels, toiletries, books, toys, picture frames, craft supplies, fabric, dirty clothes, clean clothes, mail, cleaning supplies, diapers and many more! Why baskets? They are clean looking on the outside even though you have just thrown the contents in & easy to fill/empty. Happy Organizing!

  5. You've inspired me! Our crafting area looks similar to your before pics (without the grand!) and I'm hoping to tackle it tomorrow. Thanks for the great post!


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