Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin - 2 year old style

Last Saturday we went to the farmer's market and bought this HUGE pumpkin.  Instead of carving it, we decided to do a more toddler friendly decoration.  Ryan printed out a pic of Dora.  Then he put masking tape all over one side of the pumpkin.  Then he taped the picture to the tape.

Using an exacto knife, he cut out the outline of Dora - cutting through the paper and the tape-peeling away the fragments as he went.  Then all three of us got out the permanent markers and paint pens and went to town.

When we were done, we peeled all of the tape off- and it left us with this lovely outline of Dora! 

Charlotte thinks it is super cool. 

The variations of this could be endless - so use your imagination and have fun! 
If you make one of these, upload the pic to the flickr pool!

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