Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloweens Past

Charlotte's First Halloween: October 2008
Little Baby Candy Corn

Charlotte's Second Halloween: October 2009
Gossie the gosling (from the books)
What will it be this year???
Share your ideas!!
happy costume making, jessica


  1. I love a good costume:) made practical and cute:)

  2. I remember the cute as a button candy corn sweet! I think I am making the girls into green popcicles with pink polkadots,for the legs, i'll use brown leggings for the top felt by the yrd w/ face arm and leg holes... Right now it's all in my head, time to make it reality! You should make Charolette into a sunflower, do a flower petal bonnet get a green turtle neck and green leggings add whimsy cuffs to the sleeves and skirt to the leggings out of felt... Would be so cute on her with her beautiful eyes! Miss ya girl!

  3. I think you should continue with the woodland theme and he can be her favorite woodland animal. I remember the candy corn too :-) So cute!


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