Sunday, October 3, 2010

Don't sit under the apple tree...

with anyone else but me.....

Hope you all had a nice weekend!  We had a REAL Fall weekend.  It was cold, we had a fire in the fireplace, we went to the Apple Festival, and the leaves are just starting to change. 
At the apple festival we bought an entire bushel of apples...

so I will be busy making applesauce and apple-pie filling AND my in-laws are visiting and my MIL has agreed to share her yummy apple biscuit recipe with us!  So don't be surprised if a lot of posts this week are centered around fall foods - we are in the mood!
Since I'm feeling fallish (?) I wanted to just share a few tidbits about cinnamon.  It's a popular spice this time of year - ever wondered why?  It is categorized as a warming spice.  It literally can warm you from the inside out!  Here are some of the benefits of sprinkling this spice in your food...or tea...or coffee.
  • Brain tonic - boosts the activity of the brain (hello- who doesn't need that?) and removes nervous tension and memory loss
  • Blood purifier - can remove impurities within the blood
  • Increases Blood circulation - one of the ways it helps you stay warm from the inside out.  Increased blood circulation can also reduce the risk of heart attack
  • Anti-inflammatory - it can help remove stiffness in the muscles and joints (another cold-weather ailment)
  • Blood Sugar Control - there have been many studies on the benefits of cinnamon for people suffering from diabetes.  You can read more about that here.
  • Removes bad breath
  • Digestive aid (can help with morning sickness, my prego mommy friends)
  • Cold/Flu healing - because of the anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties it is a GREAT Tea to sip when you are sick.  
  • My favorite cinnamon tea is: Good Earth Organic Sweet and Spicy Herbal Tea (caffeine free)
  • Provides relief from menstrual cramps
(Most of that information came from here.) 
WOW! I did not know all of that, did you?!  I also found it humorous that it was listed as both an "aid in birth control" and an "aphrodisiac"......hmmmmm..... not sure I would trust it as birth control ;)  Anyway, it is a great addition to many recipes or simply to sip as a tea.
*I will caution against use of the essential oil -  it can be very toxic and should only be used under the supervision of someone who is familiar with it's contraindications*
Hope that information was helpful, or at the very least interesting.

 Have a happy fall day!


  1. What a sweet post...and wonderful photos! My hubby and I both got a laugh over some of your comments...after the list of cinnamon benefits! You learn something new every day! heehee! ♥

  2. I love Fall! Have a happy Fall week!

  3. Hi - wanted to let you know that I always have aches and pains during the fall and winter with the changes in weather. I tried cinnamon tea and it has been a wonder worker the last couple of days! Our local nutritional store didn't have Good Earth but found Yogi cinnamon tea. Thanks for the suggestion!!


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